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Wednesday, December 2nd 2009

8:29 PM

December Kiss

We had incredible weather on December 1st - Latigo Laura and I decided work could wait until later.  We packed a lunch, saddled up, took the rig and headed down the trail.  The deer are plenty spooked by now.  The bucks are still running together and they keep moving.  Cowboy the paint horse was wanting to lope off at any given opportunity.  That horse loves to chase deer as much as his rider.  Cash the mule was on guard,  keeping a suspicious eye out for the speedy mountain bikers dressed like fairies pedaling along in their fashionable rainbow tights.  We took a short lunch break.

Enough of this silliness, we have to head back.  I stepped up on my mule and looked back at Laura from the saddle.  Cowboy had a big grin on his face. That horse stood there calmly as though he were mesmerized by Laura's presence.   I could see the twinkle in his big blue eyes...he only does that when a girl decides to kiss him.

(Latigo Laura and Cowboy.)

I sure wish that girl would quit spoiling my horse.  ~Cindy K. Roberts

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Monday, November 30th 2009

9:58 AM


The exciting part about being an aunt is you always have little riding buddies that are willing to hit the trail of adventure.  My little fiesty 6-year-old niece dreams of the day that she will become a lion tamer.  Ahhh - that's my girl.  I saddled up her new donkey and cued her on the gas, brakes, turn signals - mom was close by.  Maybe it was Karma or a bad hair day for the Mocha the new donkey, things just didn't go right for Mocha or Esther.  I turned my head long enough to bridle my mule, then I see a donkey trotting off into the sunset with Esther clutching her little hands to the horn, reins flopping up and down.  I ran into the path of the run-away-donkey-train to head them off at the pass.  Mocha was fearful because Esther screamed - not sure what exactly he was to be afraid of - never-the-less he trotted along in circles and dodged me - so quick, my goodness he is athletic.  Esther bounced off, I picked her up and dried her tears.  It's not easy to console a child, especially when one has never done it before - gosh - I did OK for a consoling newbie.  "OK, now Esther, stop crying or I may have to operate.  Is your leg broken?" 


"Can you move your hands, legs, feet?"

(sigh) "Yes."

"Do I need to do surgery?"


"That's good, because your Aunt Cindy did not bring her sharpest knife today." 

(Esther with poison ivy on her face and growing new front teeth - priceless.)

After that circus - Wendy and I decided we would ride the little mule and the donkey because it looked like so much fun - wear the little hellions down a knotch or two and then we will be good to go.

It wasn't an hour later - Esther ran out of the house to get a ride on the mule with her aunt leading her - talking about the next time we go riding and how she's going to be the boss of her donkey.  I think ponying this little cowgirl for a while longer is the best thing for her schooling.  A future mule-skinner in the making~Cindy K. Roberts



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Wednesday, November 25th 2009

6:55 PM


Latigo Laura and I rode through the local park to perform our weekly duties - our assignment is to enforce the leash law. Yes we have to report the bad little doggies that run amuck with little or no supervision.      It's all in a day's work and Cash is ready to due his part.  He doesn't appreciate the canine sort - especially coyotes.  Cash and Cowboy are naturals for this job, I call them pooch magnets.  Mutts are drawn to them like flies on manure.  I never had to leash a fly though - so I thank my lucky stars for the easy assignment.  

In addition to the leash enforcement, we slow down the bicycle traffic - and remind them of pedestrians and horse users on the trail.  Some take it well and others do not.  "Don't give me any lip or my deputy will have to take you in."  Usually they take heed, smile and pedal on. 

At the end of the day, Cash had enough and decided he couldn't take it anymore.  Too many people speeding on their bicycles, too many screaming babies, kids kicking balls around and now for the finaly act.  Cash threw his head down while I grabbed for my cell phone out of my shirt pocket with my right hand, reins in my left and away we go.  YEEE HAWWW!!! Traffic stopped to take a gander of my legs flapping up and down in time with the blonde mule leaping up, around when I quickly jerked and release with my quick stop.  Now, I've got his attention and once again, my mule is willing to please me.  By the way, when my mule is bucking, hold my calls.

~Cindy K. Roberts

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Friday, November 13th 2009

8:05 AM


This is the end of rut season for the white tails, a perfect time of year to see a lot of action on the trail.  The bucks are pushing the does - which stirs up things a bit.  Moving along the river bottom, Laura and I saw quite a bit of action.  It was hard to keep my mule colt quiet and still, he wants to see everything and can hardly wait to investigate.  Laura riding Cowboy the Paint Horse gets charged up


about the white tails.  We crossed the water a few times and rode underground through some tunnels - hoping the train is not on time today.  That will be the next thing on Cash's list to get over - the Union Pacific Railroad. 

No time spent in the saddle is wasted ~Cindy K. Roberts

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Wednesday, September 30th 2009

9:46 AM


We made one pit-stop at the local quick stop before we trailered to our trails - Laura was mowed down by a meth-head redneck who knocked her to the floor, display of motor oil and all came tumblin' down on the pretty lady.  The cashier's eyes were wide open, her mouth frozen in the shape of a big "O", Mr. Meth-head tried to help her up and knocked her down again - good gosh getting wounded at a gas station from a nutt head who flees out the door, it was not a pleasant experience.  I was fixing a stubborn tailgate that unlatched and flipped down.  Down the road we go...

  Lasso Laura saddled up Cowboy the paint horse, she had some steam to let off.  She stepped up into the saddle,  galloped that horse through the lower field  like she robbed a bank.  That girl can ride like the wind.  Cowboy carried the Lasso Laura like a dream, Every Cowgirl's Dream of course. Gallop on, Lasso Laura.  ~Cindy K. Roberts
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Saturday, September 5th 2009

7:36 AM


I needed a break and took off for The Rocky Mountains - Estes Park.  Cash, my mule colt was in for the shock of his life - it was time to grow up.  Cash was not happy about the ride in the trailer.  He can be a rebellious child, so Cash showed his disapproval by leaning on the rear wall in the trailer and  scorched his butt, so he had to wear pink salve on his rear for the first couple of days.  The trailer is plenty big, but if Cash had his way, he'd be roaming in the pasture, this boy does not approve of confinement.  After one day of orientation, Cash was going along with the new program.  It doesn't get any better than this - bar none.
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Saturday, July 18th 2009

1:37 AM


I trailered in my mule colt for a farrier visit.  Cash was having a 2 year old day, come to think of it, every day is a 2 year old day for this colt...but today was a special play day for this colt.  After he got his new shoes, I put him in the holding pen with some hay to munch on.  I saddled up Cowboy, my paint horse and rode for about 45 minutes.  Afterwards, I turned out Cowboy.  I don't like releasing horses or mules at the gate, but today I was in a hurry to load up the colt into the trailer - so at the gate - Cowboy takes off at a gallop, shaking his head and whinnying for the herd.   I walked into the holding pen to clean up the hay left and Cash is nuzzling me, following my every move.   I walked to the trailer,  snapped the hay bag in, came back with my manure fork to do a jiffy cleanup.  Cowboy is now galloping back down the horse trail next to the holding pens but I hear 2 sets of thundering hooves.  'Good' I thought, 'Cowboy found a buddy to run with.'  I looked up as I am scooped a manure pile and saw my mule colt trailing behind Cowboy at a full gallop with his head up in the air - ever - so - pleased, I might add.  My mouth dropped. dang that colt jumped that 5 foot fence!  Moments ago we're touching noses and now he's gone, runnin' with the herd.  HE DOESN'T CALL, HE DOESN'T WRITE - WHY DO GUYS DO THAT?!  I heard them take off up into the high ridge to join the herd.  I guess it is in that colt's genes, a 3rd generation Zan Par Bar mule colt has to show off his athletic side sometime.  Run Cash run, because tomorrow you are heading back to Pony Playground.  ~Cindy K. Roberts  
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Tuesday, July 14th 2009

1:49 PM


Cash the mule colt is taking a refresher in Kindergarten and he seems to like it.  He follows behind the ATV now.  Pretty soon, he will be chasing traffic so I better work on his reverse side of the brain.  This kind of stuff will get your young mule to thinking.  Introduce many different things to him on the ground and in the saddle. 
~Cindy K. Roberts
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Saturday, June 13th 2009

5:11 PM


I mentioned to my farrier last week, that my mule colt's head grew faster than his forelock and that is just one of his problems.  Being three years old and a john mule does have some limitations.  Boys just don't cowboy up as fast as we think they should.  The female mules seem to be a whole lot smarter.  However, I worked this colt two times in his Kindergarten pen ( aka the round pen) with moving his haunches to the right and to the left while on the ground.  Today, I could hold onto the cheek piece of his rope halter and his haunches were sailing around, as though we were dancing in the sun.  So, he's smarter than he looks.  I was so thrilled with his willingness and his athletic ability (other than bucking) that I smothered this 4 hooved blonde guy with kisses.  Cash was trying to be macho and stepped back.  Mule's don't care for lipstick kisses.  ~Cindy K. Roberts
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Thursday, June 11th 2009

11:45 AM


 CASH THE MULE COLT is working well in the round pen.  In God We Trust, All Others Go To The Round Pen, RIGHT?  He is responding to saddle work on the lunge line.  I am not a fan of working on the lunge line, however, I felt that he needed to understand the work at hand just by responding to cues while on the lunge line.  Letting the stirrups slap into his sides is something he should accept.  The more new things I can introduce to him and show him everything is OK - the more he will develop his confidence.  After our progress, I stepped up on him and rode him into the valley below.  He was nervous, so I worked him in circles, and serpentines, encouraged him and gave atta boys to him.  I quit after about 30 minutes - we can build on this from here.   Third grade seems to suit him -- growing up is hard to do. ~ Cindy K. Roberts 
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